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Welcome to the Advanced Money Laundering Script, an immersive resource designed to enhance the money laundering experience for your role-play Server. This script offers a range of advanced features, including extensive configurability and compatibility with ESX, QB, and custom frameworks. Let’s dive into the details of this powerful script.

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Script Features:

Framework Compatibility: The Advanced Money Laundering Script seamlessly integrates with popular frameworks, including ESX, QB, and custom frameworks. This ensures compatibility across different game modes, allowing a wide range of players to enjoy the enhanced money laundering experience.

Configurability: The script provides extensive configuration options to tailor the money laundering mechanics to your specific server environment and economy. You can easily customize various aspects such as framework selection, time availability, money deduction percentage, ped spawning, washing zones, wash amount options, required items, and notifications.

Time Availability: Configure the script to define the time frame during which money laundering is available in the game. Specify the start and end times, ensuring a realistic and immersive gameplay experience.

Money Deduction Percentage: Set the percentage of money that will be automatically deducted from players’ funds as a result of the money laundering process. This adds a risk-reward element, creating a sense of excitement and strategy.

Ped Spawning: Optionally, spawn a ped at the designated washing point to add realism to the money laundering process. You can choose from a variety of ped models to suit your server’s theme and atmosphere.

Washing Zones: Define specific zones where players can engage in the money laundering activity. These zones ensure designated areas for the gameplay mechanic and offer a focused and immersive experience.

Wash Amount Options: Provide players with different options for the amount of money they can wash. This feature allows for diverse gameplay choices and accommodates various player preferences.

Item Requirement: Optionally, require players to possess a specific item to access the money laundering feature. This adds an additional layer of gameplay complexity and strategic decision-making.

Notifications: Inform players about key interactions and events related to the money laundering process through customizable in-game notifications. The script provides predefined notification messages for actions such as accessing the money laundering interface, incorrect timing, and the absence of the required item.

Discord Logging:
Utilize the provided Discord webhook to log money laundering activities, facilitating server administration and monitoring.

The Advanced Money Laundering Script offers a comprehensive and customizable solution for enriching the money laundering aspect of your role-play Server. With its extensive configuration options and compatibility with popular frameworks, this script provides a captivating and immersive experience for your players. Get ready to engage in thrilling money laundering activities within your virtual world!

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