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5 months ago



Introducing the Ultimate FiveM Experience: [ESX/QB] Armour Scoreboard

Are you a FiveM server owner looking to level up your server? Discover Armour Scoreboard, the innovative, sleek, and feature-packed scoreboard script that will transform yours and your players’ gaming experience.
Designed by gamers for gamers, Armour Scoreboard is the perfect blend of affordability, efficiency, and style.

Key Features:

Seamless Access: Open the scoreboard with a simple command or keypress for instant access to vital server information.

Comprehensive Player Statistics: Detailed player data including server ID, Name, Job, Job Grade, and Ping (in ms) for all active players.

Advanced Sorting & Searching: Customize your view with ascending or descending column sorting and search any term for rapid results.

Handy Reset & Refresh Buttons: Effortlessly reset sorting or refresh the data with the click of a button.

Customizable Server Logo & Discord Buttons: Showcase your server brand with a configurable server logo and direct players to your webstore or Discord server.

Fully Configurable & Translatable Text: Personalize your scoreboard with editable text options in any language.

Built-In Nav-Bar: Easily navigate through “About” and “Rules” pages, and unlock the potential for more pages in the future.

Real-Time Player Counter: Keep track of your server’s active player count at all times.

Armour Scoreboard is the ultimate scoreboard script for FiveM server owners who demand the best for their community. With its cutting-edge design, unparalleled features, and user-friendly interface, Armour Scoreboard will transform your server and make it stand out from the competition.

Elevate your server and enhance your players’ experience with Armour Scoreboard. Become a customer today and join a community of successful FiveM server owners!


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