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5 months ago



Armour Tuning/Remapping script for standalone, ESX, QB-Core and even custom frameworks like BJCore and TMC.

This is the most sophisticated handheld, mobile remapping script on FiveM. Armour Tuning has the ability to turn a slow granny vehicle into a speeding boy racer car with the click of a few buttons! With its sleek, interactive and cool blue UI, we can guarantee the ultimate user experience!

Some of the notable features include but are not limited to:

  • Change your tuning on the move with tuning/remapping abilities for the vehicle handling adjustments.
  • Change your neon under glow and headlights on the move with our interactive colour selection menu.
  • Change your camber and traction on the move with either vStancer or our standalone version.
  • Hidden easter eggs like rainbow effects.
  • Ability to scroll the UI on and off your screen to check the changes made to your vehicle without exiting.
  • Ability to use your arrow keys, either Left, Right, Up or Down to adjust your sliders on the UI.
  • Ability to extensively configure the resource, so the script never really feels like it is obfuscated.
  • Extremely detailed Discord webhook logs for every tune, with tracked data per player, per vehicle.
  • Option to configure multiple different progress bars or none at all with standalone.
  • Ability to use an item or a command to open the UI.
  • Compatible with every framework. (If it’s somehow not with yours, make a ticket let’s make it work!)
  • Multiple translations for languages all over the world, thanks to some friends of ours!
  • Configurable functions for things like call-backs, usable items, notifications, time and date formats, traction systems and much more.

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