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Introducing the Sky Battlepass Script!

The Sky Battlepass Script is a powerful and customizable script that enhances your gaming experience by adding a battle pass system to your server. With a wide range of features and options, this script allows you to provide exciting rewards and engaging quests for your players.

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Key Features:

  1. Premium Battlepass: Offer a premium battle pass that players can purchase within the UI. Set the price in your preferred currency and enable Tebex integration for direct selling.
  2. Playtime Rewards: Reward players based on their playtime at regular intervals. Set the interval duration and the amount of experience points (XP) to be awarded.
  3. Quest System: Create various quests for your players to complete. Define location quests or movement quests such as driving, swimming, or running. You can also create custom quests using the provided exports.
  4. Random Quests: Enable random quests that are generated automatically. Specify the maximum number of active quests, the number of new quests generated per day, and the list of available quests.
  5. Fixed and Randomized Rewards: Customize the rewards players can earn through the battle pass. Set XP requirements for each level and specify rewards for both free and premium tiers. You can choose from cash, weapons, vehicles, items, and more.
  6. Season System: Implement battle pass seasons with configurable duration. Optionally remove premium status at the end of each season.
  7. Server Commands: Access server commands such as calculating the Unix time of a date or giving players premium status.

The Sky Battlepass Script offers extensive documentation to guide you through the configuration process, including creating quests and defining rewards. It supports popular frameworks like ESX, QB, and custom frameworks, making it adaptable to your server setup.

Upgrade your server and provide your players with a rewarding and immersive experience. Get the Sky Battlepass Script today and take your gameplay to new heights!

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