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The script is encrypted using FiveM Escrow

This script lets you swap engines, changing the sound and the performance of a vehicle. Swap process features various animations, interactive UI and a unique training video. There are 12 different preset engines to choose from. Engines have to be stocked to begin the swap. Engine’s delivery time is configurable.

Main features

  • Ability to swap any vehicle
  • Ability to create workshops that are only available for certain jobs (Mechanics, tuners etc.)
  • Engine swap changes the vehicle performance
  • Engine swap changes the engine sound
  • Advanced animations during the swapping process
  • Interactive and professionally looking UI
  • Tutorial video built straight into the in-game laptop (UI)
  • Engines need to be stocked by purchasing them
  • Shipping time after purchasing an engine
  • Integration with our Hideouts script
  • Ability to create multiple workshops (all with separate inventory and different jobs which can access them)
  • HIGHLY customizable through the config file
  • File in which you may edit some functions to customize the script even further
  • High script performance: 0.00ms at idle

Integration with Hideouts script (Purchase here)

If you have both Engine Swaps as well as our Hideouts script you can enable workshops in the hideouts config

When player buys a hideout of the “workshop” type they will be able to engine swap their personal vehicles without help from a mechanic.

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