Hideouts 2.0

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4 months ago




The script is encrypted using FiveM Escrow

This script brings purchasable hideouts which are located all around the map. Once a player purchases a hideout they’re able to store their personal as well as stolen vehicles. Hideouts save the stored vehicles in the database. All upgrades, fuel level as well as damage gets saved. Players can also repair and wash their vehicles inside of their hideout. Players can also bring their friends inside their hideouts if they decide to drive inside a hideout with a friend or friends in the passenger seat.

Main features

  • Purchasable hideouts all around the map
  • Store stolen and personal vehicles in the hideout
  • Different sizes of hideouts
  • Saves vehicle damage (even visual damage gets applied to the vehicle)
  • Highly customizable through the config file
  • API file where you can access different functions that get fired whenever something happens
  • High script performance: 0.00ms at idle
  • Ability to blacklist certain vehicle classes from being stored (Emergency etc.)
  • Ability to prevent users from storing vehicles owned by other players
  • Vehicles that are too large to fit inside the hideout won’t be able to be stored
  • You can bring other players inside your hideout
  • Set a password to your hideout to let others use it (even while you’re offline)
  • Setup hideouts for jobs (all players with the jobs will be able to use them)

Engine Swaps integration (Purchase here)
If you have both Hideouts as well as our Engine Swaps you can enable workshops in the hideouts config

When player buys a hideout of the “workshop” type they will be able to engine swap their personal vehicles without help from a mechanic.

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